Monday, 20 June 2011

Playing Catch Up...

I have been really busy with DS#3's basketball, so haven't been around to post much.  I stitched this Egg for Michele, Just Another Stitching Blog and made a little frog ORT bag for her too as part of an exchange that we shared.
The next photograph was what I received in the exchange, Michele had made me some very pretty pins.  Just last week, I thought I would give making pins a try, I made 3 that I think are pretty, but they are for an exchange so I can't let you see them just yet.
I also made a pillow for Faye, Carolina Stitcher's, pink basket.  This was from a freebie chart that I received at last year's Pals Fall Fling in Myrtle Beach in October.  I used Victorian Motto Sampler threads and some
pretty hand dyed trim to finish it off. 

I signed up for a Summer Exchange at Lainey's Stitching Hoose and now have my package ready to mail out, but can't let anyone see it just yet.

I will be finished work for our 6 week summer holiday in 2 weeks time and I can hardly wait, it has been a long term and life should slow down a bit for those 6 weeks.  I plan on reorganising my house and clearing some stuff out too.  Then I am going to get my sewing maching out and make lots of things that I have been planning for a long time.  I owe 3 people a PIF from my previous post and as ther wee only 4 comments to the PIF post I have decided that all 4 will receive something hand made by me.  So watch your mail boxes in around 3 weeks time for a surprise from Scotland. 

As far as stitching goes I am patiently waiting the first 2 parts of Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler, I was a bit slow in signing up for this, and when it arrives, that will be one of my summer projects.  I also have some Christmas ornaments to finish and some exchange pieces all in time for my trip to the 2011 Pals Fall Fling.  I think I have caught up as best I can and will endeavour to keep things more up  to date.