Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  It was very quiet here with just my DH, the 3 boys and myself.  Unfortunately, DD couldn't make it home due to work commitments, but we did get to chat to her on her new ipad.

As mentioned in the title, here is a photograph of my 3 boys in their kilts ready to go to the school dance.  They are all wearing the same tartan, the Brown tartan.  They have all worn the kilt the youngest is now wearing and they will be carefully stored to pass on to any grandsons that may come along in the distant future.
As you can see they really wanted to have their photograph taken...LOL.  I also just noticed that you can't really see their kilts, but they are all wearing them honest.

Here are the youngest and my middle son you can see their kilts a bit better. 
Sorry about the fact that my youngest DS looks like he has an angel coming out of his head.  Can you tell photography is not one of my strengths.
The next photograph is of my eldest DS getting tucked into his Christmas dinner, the tie was one of his presents and he had to get dressed up for dinner.  Sometimes even though they are getting older they still do the cutest things.

Just in case you think it is really dark outside, it was only 4pm, you can tell we live in the north.

As far stitching goes, I haven't done very much just been really busy with Christmas.  I did have some photographs of stitching to show you, but misplaced the memory card from my camera with all my exchange stitching on it.  If you would like to see what I have been stitching over the last few months check out the Stitched with Love Exchange blog.  The various exchanges have been fantastic and a huge thank you goes to Lainey and Colleen for organising them.

Will be back in the New Year, see you then.