Sunday, 27 March 2011

Pay It Forward....

I was lucky enough to be picked for Amy's PAY IT FORWARD.  So here is mine, If you would like to be considered, please post a comment to this thread and I will pick 3 people to PIF.  If you are picked, I will send you something handmade by the summer.  You in turn have to PIF to 3 people.  Hope this makes sense.
I was busy yesterday finishing.  At the moment the only things completely finished are gifts, so no pictures yet.  I finished a couple of Christmas ornaments for exchanging at the Cross Stitch Pals Fall Fling in October, but they still need hangers.  Plan on doing these tonight or tomorrow, so will post pictures once they are finished.  It has been another busy day at basketball, I'm really looking forward to the end of season in May when I get a whole weekend at home to do all the housework, stitching and finishing that I want.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Been busy...

I have been busy stitching, but no pictures yet, as they are gifts.  As soon as they are  received, in a couple of weeks, I will post pictures.  Life has been really hectic, with driving kids around, especially DS #3 to and from his basketball training and games, it is a 150 mile round trip each time.  Have just pulled the fabric and threads for a new start.  The photo is all I can give away at the moment, as again this piece is a gift. The fabric is a hand dyed evenweave, that is pale blue (the photo doesn't show the colour great).  The threads are Weeks, but not exactly what the design calls for and the ribbon is for the trim around the outside of the finished piece.

 I plan on spending some time next week finishing some of my recent finishes, so watch this space.