Sunday, 26 February 2012

Exchanges and Giveaway...

Over the past year I have taken part in all the exchanges that Elaine at Stitched with Love Exchanges has organised.  I have received lots of wonderful stitched pieces, stitching related goodies and just goodies in general.  Thank you to everyone who has sent me something.  As mentioned in an earlier post I did lose the memory card with some of the exchange packages I had received over the year on it, but here is a picture of the the latest one I received from  Jennifer.
She included in the package a beautiful basket with a lovely brown and cream liner, I adore baskets and was so surprised to receive it, I totally forgot that I had mentioned my love of baskets in my exchange questionnaire, duh!

Here is the package I sent to Marjorie.  I had stitched a Lizzize Kate design and just as I went to finish it thought to check Marjorie's questionnaire to find that LK was not one of her favourite designers.  Luckily I had a sampler design stitched just waiting to finish, it was Spring Tuck Pillow by Primitive Bettys, and it was surely fate that meant that I had this already done. 

I also had a birthday giveaway a while back and Toni was the lucky winner, well it took me a while to stitch something and put the package together, but here is a photograph of what I sent her.

I stitched BBD's Remember Me pincushion of merit and made some buttefly pins.  I also made a pincushion and ORT container.  I didn't have buttons to suit the Remember Me but found a little heart charm that said 'Made with Love' on it and I thought it looked really pretty stitched on.  Here is a photograph of the finished piece on the fabric I used to back it with.

I have been busy in the last few weeks with DS#3 basketball.  We spent 5 days in Ireland, I was a parent chaperone.  There was 4 adults and 15 teenage boys, it was great fun, they played 6 games in total against the best teams at U14 in both North and South Ireland.  It was challenging for the boys, but the did really well, and we all returned home exhausted, but it was a fantastic experience for the boys.

At the moment I am stitching a birthday gift for a very dear friend, so I can't let you see it until it is finished and she has received it, so that will be next month.  I am surely going to try and post more regularly, I thank everyone who posts a comment and takes the time to read my mammoth posts.  Hope you all have had a great weekend.

Hugs and Happy Stitching.