Thursday, 16 December 2010

Teenage Boys....

My eldest son put on his kilt last night to discover that it was too short.  I had been nagging at him since October to try it on so that if it need altering that it could be done in plenty of time for his School dance on Friday evening.  So 2 nights before the dance he tries it on.  I have spent 5 hours unpicking the hem, stitching it up and pressing the pleats back in.  This kilt has 7 yards of fabric in it and the hem is hand stitched.  The dance is tomorrow night, weather permitting.  I plan to take a photograph of all 3 boys in their kilts ready to go.  Watch out for it this weekend.  Now tonight I can do some of my own stitching.


Sorry no photograph, the dance has been postponed due to the weather. We have snow, didn't have my camera with me, but a photograph of the 'sneach' (a snow covered beach) according to DS#3, would have been really nice.

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  1. Hello Fiona, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. It's always fun to hear from new gals like yourself. I see in your "About Me", that you live in one of my very favorite places. I visited Scotland in 2004, and I think I could easily live there, maybe not when there's cold and snow though :) I'll visit again to see what you're up to.