Sunday, 10 February 2013

A busy week...

Welcome to everyone old and new.  I love reading all your lovely comments and hope that you enjoy reading what I have been up to.

I have been at home now for the last 3 weekends, this is a rare as I am usually driving my youngest DS around for basketball.  It has been great catching up with my stitching and finishing.  Last week in particular I managed to get some finishing done and got started on my SL sampler. 

Firstly, a huge thank you to June.  She sent me a lovely Parisienne themed RAK I love it and having it sitting in readiness with my scissors next to my stitching chair. 
I also managed to finish an ornament for an exchange, but can't show it yet, as it is a secret exchange.  My other finish was a pin pillow that I had finished the stitching on way back in November.  It is a design that Tanya from Scarlet House designed specially for the Cross Stitch Pals Retreat in Myrtle Beach in October.  It is stitched on 25 ct over 1 and it is a great reminder of a fantastic time spent with friends.  It is sitting on the fabric I backed it with and has the trim I used sitting in front.  After I stitched it together and went to turn it to the right side I realised I stitched the wrong side to my stitching.  Rather than unpick it, as it was just for me,  I left it, so my spots are not as vibrant as they should be, but I think it still looks ok, who looks at the back anyway!!
Stitched on 25ct over 1 using DMC threads

SL Janet Burnet using AVAS silks on 40ct Sandstone Linen
I had a new start this week too.  I decided to start my Scarlet Letter sampler, Janet Burnet, this month.  Initially, I was going to use the DMC threads, as I am trying to stitch from my stash this year, but my heart wanted to stitch her using the AVAS silks.  Needless to say my heart won.  I managed to buy some of the silks and only have 6 colours to buy.  So there are some gaps in the stitching, but I wanted to get her started and I am loving stitching her, apart from I now know I don't like Queen Stitch.

Lastly, and thank you if you are still with me.  I have a small update on my HAED WIP.  I haven't a lot of progress on it but there is some more sky and clouds added.

Heaven and Earth Designs, Footprints on 25ct over 1 using DMC

Have a great week. 


  1. Your Janet Burnet has a great start. It will be lovely completed!

  2. Nice goodies! I can't tell how many times I have sewn the fabric with the wrong side out! happy stitching...

  3. Love your gift from June and your beachy pillow finish. I've done the exact same thing with my little pillows, Fiona! Sometimes I just leave them, others I rip out the stitches and start again. Once I even did it twice on the same pillow!!

  4. What a lovely gift from June!
    I love your PALS finish and sampler start.
    Have a great week!

  5. What a cute RAK from June. Your finished pin pillow is adorable. I'm glad you stuck with the silks. It looks great on the fabric as the colors really stand out well. Great progress on your HAED.

  6. We have all done something like that at one time Fiona. I imagine that the faded pattern gives a vintage look which is appealing.

    Your stitching looks so nice, my mind boggles at stitching a HAED.

  7. Sweet RAK from dear June and I love your finished pillow from PALS.
    Oh dear you gave! The colours are so pretty though. Great progress on your HAED.

  8. Very sweet RAK from June. I really like your Stitching by the Sea pillow and the backing fabric! It makes me feel like I need to go to the beach but it would be very chilly there if I did!! Lovely progress on both Janet and HAED!!

  9. Hi Fiona!
    Love your pin pillow! I especially love all things sea related now that my son is a US Sailor :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, I appreciate your kind comments always. I did publish your comment, and it shows in my dashboard, but for some reason it doesn't show in my comments on the blog?? I don't know why..This has happened before a couple of times and I feel badly it doesn't show..Have you ever had this problem before?
    I wish you a beautiful evening!