Saturday, 15 January 2011

First week over...

Well, that's was a tough week at work.  After being on holiday from work for almost 3 weeks, what with the usual Christmas holidays and weather, it was hard getting up early and getting back into the routine.  DS#1 was sick this week with flu like symptoms, but luckily it doesn't appear to have been flu.  Was so tired in the evening after work that I got no stitching done, I am hoping to get some done tonight.  My target is to get my Victoria Sampler Etui finished before the end of January, here's hoping that I make it as I really want to start something new that doesn't take a lot of thought or time.  I really enjoyed stitching ornaments over the Christmas break, so may do some more when the Etui is finished.  Will post more later, happy stitching to all my friends.


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  1. I just found your blog, Fiona, and became a follower! I see all of your beautiful pieces, and will be watching your progress on VS Etui.